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Rasheda Irshad Nasir

On behalf of everyone in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism—what we affectionately call “MCJ”—welcome.

The Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Dhaka creates excellence in learning through academic scholarship, teaching, and service to the community and the field. We offer comprehensive programs that focus on the expression, comprehension, and exchange of ideas through oral or written discourse or the various forms of digital and print media and communication. We emphasize critical thinking, ethics and law, and an understanding of the role of communication and journalism in today`s global society. We are one of the few programs in the country that can guarantee and set up internships for every one of our students before graduation.

Our faculties are nationally and internationally renowned for their research. Their books, research articles, and essays shed light on the most pressing issues facing communication and journalism today. Our students are diverse, on a domestic and global scale, and bring a passion for understanding, and engaging in, the role communication plays in the creation of our world.


Professor & Chairman (Acting)

Department of Mass Communication and Journalism

University of Dhaka