Faculty Research Interests

Rasheda Irshad Nasir

Beliefs and Rituals, Religion, Gerontology, Gender Studies, Social Psychology

Dr. Md. Mofizur Rhaman

Norms and Values of Journalism, Gender, Media and Journalism, Climate Change Journalism and Environmental Communication, Development Communication

Dr. Naadir Junaid

Politically-critical cinema, Art cinema, Mass Media and Politics.

Dr. A. S. M. Asaduzzaman

ICT for Development, Political economy of ICT, Sociology of Technology, Media Literacy, Community Communication

Mrs. Afroza Bulbul

Politics of Representation, Gender and Development, Critical Approach to Communication, Development Communication

Suriya Begum

Media and Conflict, Peace Journalism, Photojournalism, Mass media in Bangladesh

MD Saiful Alam Chowdhury

Communication studies, Investigative Journalism, Media and Politics, Media and Heritage

Dr. Md. Khorshed Alam

Consumer culture, Critical Advertising studies, Youth studies, Critical media and cultural studies, Postcolonial studies, Popular culture

Dr. Saiful Hoque

Journalism Routine, User generated content

Dr. Kajalie Shehreen Islam

Gender, communication and media, Political communication, media and conflict

Amina Khatun

Gender, New Media & Development, Media Ecology.

Md. Asaduzzaman

New Media & Society

Rubaiya Zannat

â–ªInterpersonal Communication, â–ª Group communication, Issues relating to the media representation of different social groups, Organizational leadership, Media and journalism ethics, Advertising and society issues, Computer-mediated communication

Marzia Rahman

Mass Communication and Journalism