About the Department of Women and Gender Studies

The Department of Women and Gender Studies (DWGS) is an interdisciplinary programme that encourages the development of critical perspectives on women and gender issues in both intellectual and activist contexts. Since its birth in 2000 the Department has growned with a commendable position in the Faculty of Social Sciences in terms of the quality of student intake, Intellectual diversities & capabilities of its faculties and knowledge on contemporary gender issues. Besides curricular activities, it is also prolifically engaged in different research projects, seminars, lecture series, conferences, networking with partner organisations such as Royal Netherlands Embassy, WHO, USAID, Plan International, MJF, MOWCA. Our intellectual goal in and out of the classroom is to transform traditional ways of knowing by challenging patriarchy as the codifier of knowledge. It enables students and faculties to understand how gender impacts their everyday lives as well as their roles in society, institutions, and practices, the department has already published a good number of books and working papers and is equipped with a specialized library with 5500 entries of books & journals on gender-related areas, digitalised classrooms and fiber optics broadband internet and wifi facilities.

Visit our website: www.wgs.du.ac.bd