Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Sabiha Yeasmin Rosy

Ethical Political Ecology, Indigenous rights, Gender-based violence, Tourism, Gender and Development

Dr. Ayesha Banu

Women and Gender Studies

Dr. Tania Haque

Empowerment, Unpaid care work, Gender based violence, Gender and Development

Dr. Sanzida Akhter

Gender based violence, Gender and demography, Gender socialization, Reproductive health and maternal health

Dr. Umme Busra Fateha Sultana

Gender Studies, Feminist Theories, Advertising & Public Relations, Feminist Media Studies, Sexuality Studies, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Cultural Studies

Dr. Soma Dey

Gender & Livelihoods, Gender, Environment and Natural Resource Management, Gender and Migration, Indigenous Society

Dr. Helal Hossain Dhali

Decent work, Manufacturing industries and Women's empowerment, Safer spaces, Gender and Sustainable Development, Environmental management, Indigenous people and Gender, Coloniality/Decoloniality, Education, Extremist Subjectivity, and Gender at the intersectionality of several social categories

Aditi Sabur

Feminist Theories and Intersectionality, Family ,marriage and parenthood, Feminism and colonialism, Women and Religion, Fatherhood and masculinity, Feminist theories and Intersectionality

Dr. Ishrat Jahan Khan

Gender, Sexuality and Development, Media, Post-colonial Feminism

Abu Saleh Mohammad Sowad

Gender; Migration; Globalisation; Masculinities, Gender; Natural disaster; Development; Masculinities, Gender; Development; Globalisation; Masculinities

Afsana Islam