Debating Club (Bitarka-Ekti Tarkik Sangathan)

With the slogan “Ambidextrous in Reasoning, Inexhaustible in Consciousness ”, and in the hope of developing the students of Jagannath Hall as rational, wise, creative and responsible citizens, “Bitarka-Ekti Tarkik Sangathan” started its journey as the first debating club for any residential hall in the University of Dhaka in 1992. An initiative from renowned political analyst and the then VP of Jagannath Hall Student’s Union Suvas Singha Roy, this organization is acknowledged as the pioneer of debating movement in Bangladesh with guidance and assistance from persons like Prashanta Bhushan Barua, Rathindranath Dutta, Pial Das and others.
The organization used to hold session at the room of Jagannath Hall Student’s Union on every Sunday in the style of BBC Bangla's once popular weekly program Rabibasariya. In the spontaneous presence of the students, it still holds Bangla and English session on every Sunday and Wednesday respectively. It organizes national and international debate competitions on various occasions. Among these, Rabindra Debate Festival, Sharad Debate Festival, October Memorial Debate Festival, Jagannath Hall Open etc. are most notable.
For its extraordinary contribution towards the build-up and enhancement of students’ intellectual, a separate room has been allotted to this organization for its debaters to practice.
Since its establishment, debaters of Jagannath hall have gained nationwide reputation as classical debaters for their sharp reasoning and captivating presentation skills. From the very beginning, a common proverb about the debaters of this organization goes around the University of Dhaka campus that, “What Debater’s of Jagannath hall think today, University of Dhaka thinks tomorrow”.
So far, this organization has created and presented a countless number of debaters, of whom few of them were bests of the country. Notable among them are Prashanta Bhushan Barua, Rathindranath Dutta, Sanjay Majumder, Pinaki Roy, Amit Dasgupta, Subrata Sarkar Puru, Avra Bhattacharya, Saroj Kumar Nath, Subrata Das Khokon, Suman Chandra Karmakar, Sanjib Saha, Debashish Kundu, Debashish Ranjan Sarkar, Rajib Sarker, Animesh Kar, Uttam Roy, Amitav Kumar Kundu, Plaban Ganguly, Mithun Chakraborty, Kaushik Sur, Sourav Adhikari and others.
Jagannath Hall has a glorious past and present in the debating culture and movement. The debaters of this hall have won numerous national and international competitions at home and abroad with their outstanding intellectuals. 17th National Television Debate Competition, 1st Bangladesh Economic Debate Competition, National Environmental Debate Competition, 4th Science Debate Competition, 2nd Nawab Salimullah Memorial Debate Competition, 5th Sir AF Rahman Memorial Debate Competition, Shamsunnahar Mahmud Memorial Debate Competition, 4th Nawab Salimullah Memorial Debate Competition, RTV Inter Club Debate Competition are most notable among them.
The current president of the Club is Mritunjoy Majumder from Department of Geography and Environment and the current Secretary of the club is Kanjilal Roy Jibon from Department of Economics.