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Dr. Mihir Lal Saha

Professor & Chairman
Department of Botany

Dr. Mihir Lal Saha is a Professor and Chairman (From 27 August, 2022 to date) of the Department of Botany, University of Dhaka. Elected second time Senate Member since May 25, 2022 to date. Dr. Saha has been serving as Provost of Jagannath Hall, University of Dhaka since May 08, 2019, He was the Former Acting Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences from 02 June 2021 to 15 January 2022. Joined the University in 1988 and became the Professor in 2004. Received Monbusho Scholarship and awarded Ph. D. Degree in 1998 from the Graduate School of Engineering of Utsunomiya University, Japan. Dr. Saha awarded Post-Doctoral Fellow of Utsunomiya University in 2004-2005. Also received a prestigious short-term JSPS Invitation Fellowship in 2016. Major research interests on both Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology. So far Dr. Saha credited 90 Nninety) research and proceeding papers in different reputed national and international journals. Published Seven books as supervisors of seven M.S. students thesis in the LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. Dr. Saha has participated about 46 (Forty Six) conferences, seminars and workshops in Bangladesh, Japan, USA, India, Nepal.

Besides academic activities Dr. Mihir Lal Saha has been appointed as Director of Arboriculture Centre since 2012. All the plants of the University of Dhaka including the plant-beautification management of the famous Curzon Hall and road medians of the campus are routinely carried out by the active directions of the Director of the Arboriculture Centre. Dr. Saha has served as different Dhaka University affiliated Private Medical Colleges as a board member of the Governing Body.

At present Dr. Saha is the General Secretary of Bangladesh Association for Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology and International Associate Member, Japan Society of Water and Environment, Japan. and the former Secretary General and Treasurer of Bangladesh Botanical Society, Treasurer of Bangladesh Society of Microbiologists. Dr. Saha was the Senate Member of the University of Dhaka for the period of 2009-2013.

Major research interests on Citric Acid Fermentation, Environmental Microbiology, Wastewater Treatment, Magnetic Activated Sludge (MAS) process for wastewater management, Biological dye decolourization, Treatment of milking parlor wastewater containing tetracycline, Bacterial and chemical pollution of river, Coliform bacteria associated with food and water, screening of indigenous protease, Indigenous Poly-β-Hydroxy-butyrate (PHB) Producing Bacteria from Different Waste Materials, Rhizosphere associated bacteria, Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, Exopolysaccharide (EPS) & Pigment producing bacteria, Multidrug resistance bacteria, bacteria for lipase production and its biotechnological application, bacteria associated with domestic and industrial waste materials and their biopolymer production. Dr. Saha is a popular Freelance Bnagla Writer in the platform of Social Media to popularize science in Bangla with special reference to Daily Science, Biotechnology, Plant Biodiversity, Nature, Flowers and Environment based science topics.