BADHAN, Jagannath Hall Unit

BADHAN, Jagannath Hall Unit

The organization of voluntary blood donors "BADHAN" is moving forward with the slogan "One's blood is another's life, let blood tie the souls right". BADHAN was founded on October 24, 1997, with the conviction of turning voluntary blood donation into a social movement. At present, BADHAN is conducting activities by bringing 75 educational institutions of 53 districts under 12 zones across the country. According to the organizational structure, “BADHAN, Jagannath Hall Unit” is working as one of the units of Dhaka University Zone under BADHAN Central Council. “BADHAN, Jagannath Hall Unit” debuted on 24th April, 2000.

“BADHAN, Jagannath Hall Unit” has been spontaneously participating in various activities including regular collection of blood donors and free blood grouping programs to assist Dhaka University Zone. On special days such as International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Bengali New Year, University Establishment Day etc. “BADHAN, Jagannath Hall Unit” arranges free blood grouping programs, rallies, workshops to create awareness about the necessity and importance of blood donation. The annual "Freshers’ Reception and Blood Donor Felicitation" is organized to highlight the activities of unit in front of the newcomers and to honor the blood donors of the farewell session as well as set practical examples of selfless act to motivate the new comers in blood donation.

A 17-member executive committee is in charge of the overall activities of the unit. The term of the committee is one year, from January to December. The activities of the hall unit are coordinated with the zone through a Zonal Representative. The ‘Advisory Board’ review the activities of the hall unit at a monthly meeting held under the supervision of the acting committee members. As a representative of Hall Administration and to act as our guardian, one of the respected House Tutors takes care of the connection between Hall Administration and Hall Unit as the “Advisory Teacher”.

In addition to performing weekly duties, the spontaneous participation of the Jagannath Hall Unit in the Zone has always been appreciated. “BADHAN, Jagannath Hall Unit” plays a significant role in the month of “Ramadan” every year. On the occasion of "Dhaka University Mourning Day, 15th October", the Jagannath Hall Administration and “BADHAN, Jagannath Hall Unit” jointly organize a ‘Free Blood Grouping Program’ and ‘Donor Collection Camp’.

Annual workshop is organized to give an overview of all the important issues related to blood donation and to give an idea about the method of diagnosing blood group. Workshops are conducted under the supervision of experienced BADHAN activists and advisory panel. Discussion on organizational issues is also one of the objectives of the workshop.

The office room of “BADHAN, Jagannath Hall Unit” (located in the hall premises) is kept open from 10 pm to 11 pm every day, except the day of weekly duty. For any kind of help including blood request or other enquiries, we request you to contact the office during that time period. BADHAN is an ideal platform for you if you are willing to donate blood voluntarily as one of the hallmarks of humanity by engaging yourself to serve the humanity in the best way possible during your university life. You are always welcome to be a donor or activist of BADHAN.

Lastly, BADHAN dreams of the day when every person in Bangladesh will know their blood group and will come forward to donate blood voluntarily. There will be no need of “BADHAN” on that day. BADHAN is working on its own destruction. So, let us say in unison in support of this noble cause,

"Donating blood does no harm,

Let’s donate blood on four months term"