Purpose of Disaster Research Training and Management Centre

Recurrence of the flood, riverbank erosion, cyclones, drought, salinity, and tidal surge are common in a deltaic country like Bangladesh. The country, over the years, has gained valuable experience in Disaster Management and has successfully put in place an elaborate disaster response infrastructure that has attracted wide international attention. Here to be noted that a developing country like Bangladesh often faces threats from man-made disasters like deforestation, hill cutting, depletion of the Ozone layer, limitless use of chemical pesticides, industrial waste mismanagement, river pollution, traffic, and air pollution, ship-breaking industries, and sea pollution, illimitable use of plastics, unplanned industrialization and so on. In order to design appropriate disaster strategies, the country requires a substantial amount of information collection, processing, analyzing of all types of disasters, and archiving of these databases. The sole purpose of this institute is to perform all these tasks to ensure an appropriate disaster response in all forms.