Vision & Mission of Disaster Research Training and Management Centre


Despite being hit by consecutive natural and man-made disasters each year, Bangladesh thrives as an example to the rest of the world for successfully addressing these occurrences. In doing so, an indispensable need for a research centre that will constantly work with the vast database of disasters to contribute to national disaster preparedness is a must. The Disaster Research Training and Management Centre under the University of Dhaka started its journey in 1989 having this vision in mind. Here, the best minds from the Department of Geography and Environment contribute relentlessly to achieve this goal. The main purpose of this centre is not only confined within the research arena but also in the practical field by organizing fieldwork and training programs.


The missions of the centre are as follows:

  • To provide data for disaster planning and preparedness.
  • To provide data for responding to an acute situation.
  • To provide data sets for research and
  • To provide appropriate information bases for extension and other training programs to add to the academic curriculum.